— Elevate Collaborative Image Annotation

Pin Voice & Text Directly onto Images

Transform the way you collaborate on images. With PinMy, directly annotate with voice or text, ensuring your thoughts are precisely placed and heard. Perfect for teams seeking a more engaging, efficient, and clear communication tool.

Experience seamless image collaboration.Use our app, it's 100% free!


About PinMy

Transform Your Visual Communications.
Discover a seamless way to collaborate on visuals, available across multiple devices. Whether you're on your iOS or Android phone or prefer the ease of a web browser, PinMy is there for you.

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    Precise Communications

    Say goodbye to vague feedback. With PinMy, pinpoint exactly what you're referring to and ensure that every detail in your image is understood.

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    Eliminate Guesswork

    No more second-guessing. Directly link your comments to specific parts of the image, ensuring clarity and reducing misunderstandings.

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    Collaboration with Memory

    Keep track of every piece of feedback. Our structured system retains the history of your collaboration, so no detail is lost over time.

How to Use

Why PinMy?

In today's fast-paced digital environment, visual collaboration can become scattered and inefficient. PinMy is your answer to fragmented feedback, missed details, and miscommunication. Consolidate, clarify, and collaborate with confidence. Choose PinMy for effective visual teamwork.


— Streamlined Communication

Skip the Clutter: Bypass lengthy emails that often lead to misunderstandings. With PinMy, communicate directly on the image, ensuring your message is concise and clear..


— Precise Feedback

Detail Matters: Leave the ambiguity behind. Pin and comment with laser precision, ensuring that your point is unambiguous and actionable.


— Voice Transcription

Speak, Don't Type: Sometimes, it's easier to say it than write it. Record your thoughts, and PinMy will convert your voice notes into text, making feedback even quicker.


— Real-time Revisions

Seize the Moment: Implement feedback while it's still top-of-mind. PinMy facilitates prompt updates, ensuring that your visuals remain current and relevant..


— Share Seamlessly

Collaborate Broadly: Distribute your pinned images effortlessly. Whether it's via email, SMS, Slack, or other platforms, keep everyone in the loop.


— Organised Storage

All in One Place: No more scattered feedback across multiple platforms. With PinMy, consolidate all comments related to an image, streamlining collaboration and review.

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